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As an EU citizen you may freely enter Denmark and remain in this country for up to 3 months without an EU residence document (registration certificate). If you are a job-seeker, you may reside in Denmark for up to 6 months without a registration certificate. The periods of 3 and 6 months are calculated from the date of entry.

If you expect that your stay in Denmark will last more than 3 months, you have to apply for an EU residence document before the expiry of the three months.

An EU residence document is your proof that as an EU citizen - or as family member of an EU citizen - you have a right to reside in Denmark.

For you as an EU citizen your residence document will be a registration certificate. The certificate is not issued for a specific duration and will remain valid for as long as the conditions on which it was issued continue to apply.

After 5 years - uninterrupted legal residence in Denmark, you may apply for a certificate of right to permanent residence.

Rules on residence in Denmark for EU citizens and their family members are regulated through Executive Order on Residence in Denmark for Aliens Falling within the Rules of the EU.

When you have received your registration certificate, you may contact the Citizen Services of your municipality of residence in order to get a civil registration number (CPR number) and a health security certificate. Thus you need a registration certificate in order to get a civil registration number.

If you are a citizen of Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden, you need not apply for a registration certificate because as a citizen of a Nordic country you have a right to reside in Denmark without permission.

Who can get a registration certificate?

Application and documentation

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